Product review for LifeSeasons Pausitivi-T Herbal Menopause Support, 60 Vegicaps – 3 Pack

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Works to support the body's ability to regulate hot flashes, helps maintain hormonal balance during menopause, supports menopause, and is supportive of female hormones. Supportive ingredients include:Sage – Traditionally used to help with hot flashes. Soy Isoflavones – Supports the body's ability to regulate hot flashes. Black Cohosh – Supports the body during menopause. Wild Yam – Supportive of hormones within the body. Vitex – Helps maintain balance of hormones within the body. For life's change of seasons, there's LifeSeasons. Every new season brings change. It's the cycle of life that renews and energizes. Yet as you age, poor diet, environmental toxins, lack of exercise or personal stress can challenge your good health. Lifeseasons offers a brand of supplements designed to support both your daily nutritional needs plus specific health concerns. Vegetarian Formula.

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